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MIATIVI, the Lego anti-hero

MIATIVI is a god.

35 years ago he was captured and imprisoned in the house of Profondo Rosso, a three floors huge mansion full of dark corners and locked doors. One of the facade windows was distinctly walled up.

A room with no lights and doors held a black coffin in it; a powerful ancient spell was cast on it so that whoever was kept in, he would be imprisoned forever.

Even a god.

Miativi used to be a god of the city of Atlantide, a large metropolitan city populated by Lego citizens. However he was the god of the bad people. He was the god of the bad things that would happen in the city. The god of any kind of calamities, of thieves and hoodiums, of thieves and criminals, of means and cheapskates.

Captured with the help of Ade god, he was locked into a coffin and secured in the Profondo Rosso mansion. Since then, nobody living in the Atlantide city has been able to even draw near the mansion. It was cursed and got more and more devilish every passing year, compelling the city to grow on the opposite side of the region.

People tell that during night you could also glimpse a tiny red light coming from the wall of the locked room.

For 35 years people forgot about Miativi and the war with Ade. The city flourished and the house of Profondo Rosso eventually collapsed, but the coffin was never found.

Archeologist Nikolay is an italo-russian treasure researcher. He wander the worlds of Lego in search for modern and ancient rarities.

With great astonishment I’ve just received a letter of his stating about his latest discovers. I remember he was chasing “Star Wars” reliquias.

He also added a photo of his last identification, asking me if I was eventually able to help him.


But I’m still shaken.

Here is the photo he enclosed.



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