Thimbleweed park solution

In the year 2017, Ron Gilber and Gary Winnick delighted us with the release of Thimbleweed Park, a point-and-click adventure game for everybody who loves this genre, expecially for the fans of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion.

I, as lover of this game and Monkey Island, am now here giving the step by step commands to solve this game in easy mode.

Have a great adventure!

Part one

Take the rock

Use rock on light

Go right, get hit

Part two

As Angela Ray, detective. 

Give camera to Antonio Rayes, the male detective. 

Rayes. Use polaroid film in camera

Use camera on corpse

You get photo of body

Go left and out to Trestle road

Talk to the pigeon bros while on the road

Walk to town going right

Talk to the coroner

Go upstairs to the sheriff room

Talk to the sheriff

Open cabinet on the right, middle drawer, you get a fingerprint book


Talk to pigeons on the right, they need a wc-67 tube

Go to b street

Enter Rickie cakes

Talk to Rickie Lee

Ask for the wc-67 tube

Give wc-67 tube to pigeons in main street

Enter “A” street, talk to Willie until he asks for a wallet trade

Go right into the Occult Books store

Talk to madame Morena until she asks for a mushroom

Enter the Us post office in A street

Talk to the postal worker

Pickup the steaky tape

Walk to outskirts, right of main street

Cutscene with sheriff

Enter bathroom at Quickie pal

Pickup toilet paper

Enter S&D Diner on main street

Talk to Sandy

Play Ransome backflash

Take card

Take Ioweyou note

Pickup poster

Open safe

Pikcup money

Walk to door and exit

Go to backstage

Pick up swear jar

Use hair gel

Use makup

Use clown nose from the inventory

Exit and go left to midway

Talk to Carney Joe

Pay him

Go to stage 

Say your lines until the end of the flashback

Talk to Sandy again

Ask for a hotdog

Go back to the corpse

Use toilet paper on body

Go right and enter the sewers

Walk to tunnel, go left, enter first door

Pickup magic mushrooms

Pick up ice pick

Exit sewer

Go back to town

From the coroner room, take the fimgerprint kit in hte cabinet on the right, top drawer

Use fingerkit on ice pick

Use sticky tape on ice pick with fimgerprints

Go back to A street


Give mushrooms to morena

Enter the nickel news shop

Talk to natalie

Look at policetron 3000

Note what she is on to

Switch to the policetron radio in the mayor office

Use it

Call attention all units about what Natalie is up to

Natalie will leave the shop

Get the map on the wall

Copy it using the copytron on the right

Leave store

Walk to vista view

Walk to county

Show map to sherrif.

Part three

Go to hotel

Play as Franklin flash back

Enter hotel

Go to right to the annoyong kid

Use radio

Talk to he kid

Prove him that you know of the  latest and greatest

Use radio

Give kid a pillowbear

Trade for glasses

Enter elevator

Use nose glasses

Check in 

Ask the manager to photocopy your presentation

Go to your room

Use key card to enter your room

Phone will be ringing cutscene

Use bubble gum on hotel tron 3000

Exit room


Walk to floor 10

Pick up standard room example photo

Go back to your room

Use room photo with gum

Use telephone

Talk to manager 

Go to franklin edmun’s room

Look at gum

Exit room


Play as Edmund

Float to door

Zap elevator to go Lobby

Splash or chill drinking fountain on the right when the kid is drinking

As Ray, go to the victim’s room

Pick up passport

Examine it 

Go to main street

Go to coroner room

Use passport in facetron

Use photo of body on facetron

Pick up identity report

Use fingerprint from ice pick in fingertron

Use fingerprint book in fingertron

Pick up fingerprint report

Use bloody toilet paper in bloodtron

Go to old circus

Use clown horn

Play as the clown

Pickup Ransome’s poster

Open safe

Pick up book

Pick up pages, all

Use page with book, all of the,

Open microwave

Exit to trailers

Walk to circus ground

Enter the backstage

Look at mirror

Exit the backstage

Pick up popcorn bag

Pick up popcorn from the ground until the bag is full

Go back to your trailer

Feed hamster

Exit the circus to the road

Give wallet to Ray

Go to A street as Ray

Trade Ransome’s wallet with Willie’s

Go back to coroner

Use wallet with bloodtron

Get blood report

As Rayes, go to Sandy’s and order a hotdog

As Ransome go to Sandy and order a hotdog

Go to the bus station

Start Dolores story

Exit room 

Take the first on front door you see

Try to enter the rightmost door

Watch cutscene Edmund Franklin and Chuck discussing.

Pick up full ink bottle

Exit door

Go back to the hall

Go down the stairs

Exit house

Open the mailtron

Read magazine

Go back to your room

Use ink with printer

Use computer

Answer questions as you like

Pick up envelope

Get letter from George the postman

Exit house

Use letter to mmucasflem with lettertron

Wait for 5 days

Go back to your room

Open letter, 4 tries

Go to uncle room

Talk to uncle Chuck

As Ray Go talk to Dolores

As Dolores go to the library on the first floor

Call Brant Bailwick by looking at the phone book for his number. He is at thimblecon87

Btw. You can give a copy of the map to each charater and double click on the map to move faster in the county.

Go to uncle Chuck room

Take the large tube

Pick up uncle Chuck journal

Go to main street, into sheriff’s office

User large tube with arrestotron 3000

Switch to Ray or to whoever has got the 3 reports

Go to sheriff office

Use identity report with arrestotron

Use fingerprint report with arrestotron

Use blood report with arrestotron

Cutscene with sheriff-a-reno

Ray and rayes will leave.

Part four

Switch to ransome


Play as edmond


Play as dolores

Go to hotel, thimblecon is on

Talk to manager about having tickets

Go to mansion

Enter your room

Use ascii chart


Play as ray

Use telephone

Use radio

Use phone book to search for  KScum radio

Call kscum radio

Answer the prize questions. At least 2 answers must be correct


Play as Rayes

Answer phone

Exit room

Ray will take the package

Rayes will take package


Play as Rayes, open package

Play as Ray

Open package

Go to lobby

Take tickets by talking to the manager

Give tickets to Dolores and to Ransome the clown

As Dolores, enter thimblecon

Talk to Brant, the lawyer

Ask him to read the will

Talk to sexy rider

Go to S&D diner on main street sud

Take the hotdog

Go back into S&D diner

Talk to Sandy

Order for a hamburger

Go to hotel

Give hamburger to sexy rider at thimblecon

Wait for him to leave

Take jeweler’s tools

Give tools to Rayes

Play as Rayes 

Go to sheriff room

Talk to Willie and discover he repairs watches

give tools to Willie

Give pocket watch to Willie

Play as Dolores

Go to mansion, enter the library

Go to Dolores’s room

Pick up the Graphics basic

Use graphics basic with computer

Use will with computer

Go back to library

Give will to Brant

Give cake to Brant, while talking to him

Play as Edmund, the ghost

Go to thimblecon

Talk to Virgil the ghost in thimblecon


Play as ransome

Go to thimblecon

Enter the contest on the rightmost area

Play as Edmund

Go to penthouse

Try to enter the door on the right

Play as Rayes

Enter penthouse in hotel

Open secret entrance on the right

Play as the ghost

Enter secret room

Float to portal

Float to tomb door

Zap switch.

Part five

The reading cutscene.

Part six

Float to portal

Play as Dolores

Go to main street

Enter the bank

Pick up the key when el Paulo the banker looks away

Go to the abandoned factory

Use factory key on gate

Enter factory

Go to archway

Go left

Enter the first door

Pick up the handbook

Read handbook for the Code information number to call

As Rayes or anybody close to a phone, call that number and note the clock time they give.

As Ray go to lock 1 at factory back in the archway and then on the left

Use clock in time lock

Set the clock as told on the phone

Go to lock 2

Set clock to the same time + 5 minutes

Go to lock 3

Use clock in time watch adding 5 minutes

Go to lock 4

Use lever

Use clock in time watch adding 5 minutes

Go to the main door

Use red button

Bring all charaters to open the big door except the last one, i.e. Dolores

Play as Dolores, walk to the big doors.

Part seven

Walk to lower level using the ladder on the rigt

Walk to corridor five times

Walk to door

Pick up journal

Pick up floppy disk

Pick up hat

Use floopy in computer

Use computer

Do hard rebooting.

Part eight

Walk to door

Wait for the security door to explode

Walk to stairs

Push button

Push button

Go right

Use hat

Cross the lasers

Walk to door

Look at the sign close to the fan

As Edmund, Call the number on the sign by zapping a phone and calling

As Dolores, The fan will stop, pass it

As Edmund, Call again the fan system to turn it back on

As Dolores, walk to trap door

As Ray, enter trap door

Use strange tool on slot

As Dolores, enter trap door

Walk to doorway

Talk to Uncle Chuck


Push all big tubes except one


Part nine

As Ray, go to thimblecon

Give Game of the Year thophy to Ron Gilbert

Pick up puzzle development chart

As Ransome, go to S&D diner

Give “I’m sorry for being a dick” card to Sandy

Play Ransome flashback

Walk to stage door

Insult for an achivement or play nice

As Reyes, go to A street News shop

Give chuck’s confession to Natalie

As Dolores, go to bridge

go to the corpse

Use balloon animal on the corpse

Go to the factory

Open gate

Walk to big doors

Enter second door

Walk to blast door

Walk to door

Pass the lasers

Walk to door

Pass the fan

Walk to wireframe pillowTron

Walk to opening

Push all Pt-109 tubes.

Thimbleweed park walkthrough